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Super BubbleFlow Buckets

$995.00 $895.50
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Brand: Super Closet
Shipping: $90.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
  • Fullbloom Hydroponics, Hydroponics  Equipment & Supplies, Ashland, OR
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Product Description

Grow your plants Bigger and Faster than a traditional hydroponic system!

Super BubbleFlow Buckets are the best Fully Automated, Recirculating, Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System on the market today. It grows plants faster than any traditional hydroponic system because it combines multiple types of hydroponics into one system!

Superponics Technology combines multiple hydroponic methods into one system:

  • 1. Deep Water Culture
  • 2. Bubbleponics
  • 3. Ebb & Flow

The result is a highly effective recirculating BubbleFlow Bucket system that will grow your plants extremely fast!


What Makes a Good Hydroponic System?

We sat down one day and said to ourselves, "What makes a good hydroponic system?"  We then set out to make a hydroponic system that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • Consistent

Those 4 ideas created the premise behind the patented and award winning hydroponic watering system known as Superponics.

We combined years worth of hydroponic experience and technology into one unique system. Superponics brings together the best of each hydroponics method into one hybrid system, all working in tandem to grow your plants faster and bigger than you ever thought possible!

All of our systems have been time tested and work extremely well with all types of plants. We only use the highest quality components available.

What's Included:

  • High Density, Durable Plastic Lid and Reservoir - Easy to Clean.
  • Comprehensive manual included - Easy setup!
  • Lifetime Customer Service
  • Water Pump
  • Air Pump
  • High Quality Air stones
  • 6 - 5 Gallon Buckets with large net pots - Upgradeable to 12 and 24 buckets.

Optional Upgrades



Total Germination Package

This package includes EVERYTHING that you need in order to maximize your chances of having all of your precious babies blossom into adolescence. You will be able to quickly, easily, and significantly increase your germination success percentages with this all-inclusive kit.

The Total Germination Package includes the following:

  • Seedling Tray
  • Humidity Dome
  • Seedling Heat Mat
  • Heat Mat Thermostat
  • Rock Wool Cube Medium


Nutrient Upgrade Package

Our nutrient upgrade package is the perfect addition to your new hydroponic system! The TechnaFlora Nurtient Upgrade Package includes:

  • 2x B.C. Bloom - 1 Liter Bottles
  • 3x B.C. Boost - 1 Liter Bottles
  • 1x B.C. Grow - 1 Liter Bottle
  • 1x Awesome Blossoms - 1 Liter Bottle
  • 2x SugarDaddy - 1 Liter Bottles
  • 1x Thrive Alive Red - 500ml Bottle
  • 1x MagiCal - 1 Liter Bottle


24-7 Nutrient Meter

Our 24-7 Nutrient Meter made by Control Wizard Products is perfect for growers that need to constantly monitor the water in their hydroponic system. This meter measues pH, PPM, and Temperature. Measurements are displayed on a large illuminated display that is easy to read from a distance. This unit is also very easy to calibrate - Calibration screws are conveniently located on the front of the unit.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Is your city / municipal water full of chloramines?  Do you have well-water full of iron and sulfur?  If so, a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter will solve all of your water woes.  Save the hastle of buying water from the grocery store!  Our Reverse Osmosis Water Filter can provide up to 200 GPD (gallons per day) of highly purified, ultra low PPM water.  It will remove 99%+ of chloring and other contaminants.  Due to its high quality, ultra high efficiency design, it wastes 25% less water than other RO systems.

This system is customized and designed specifically for gardening and hydroponics.  Specifications are based on inlet water of 77° F, 60 psi, and 500 ppm.


  • 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • 2 Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Carbon Filter
  • Cleanable Sediment Filter
  • Automatic shut-off cartridge
  • Wall Mountable Metal Bracket
  • Garden Hose Connector
  • Inline Shut-Off (8ft.)
  • Drain Line (5ft.)
  • Inlet Line
  • Filter Wrench
  • Instructions

Unit weighs 9.8 lbs. and measures 16.5" x 14".


C02 Kit

CO2 Regulator Kit

CO2 is simply amazing - One simple component can increase your growth rate by up to 50%!!  This CO2 kit comes complete with a Solenoid, Regulator, Timer, and Injection Tubing.  Professional growers know the true value of a quality CO2 system, that's why you would have a hard time finding a serious grower that doesn't use a CO2 system.  It is super easy to setup.  The included instructional DVD will guide you through setting up your CO2 system.  Estimated setup time is only 5 minutes!  Note: CO2 tank not included.

This product is built to order and shipped from our state-of-the-art facility in San Francisco, CA.

You may pick up a hydroponic system locally if you are near our shipping facility. There is no charge for picking up your hydroponic system from the manufacturing facility and you will not have to pay for shipping. Contact us for more information.

Orders shipped to Florida will be charged sales tax.

  • Processing / Manufacturing Time: 10-20 Business Days (All systems built to order.)
  • Shipping Time: 3-7 Business Days depending on destination
  • Shipping Method: This particular product ships via Freight
  • Packaging Materials: Hydroponic Systems are securely and discretely packaged. There are no labels or stickers on the packing to indicate its contents.
  • Shipping Cost: $140 for 6 plant system.  $170 for 12 plant system.  $225 for 24 plant system.  The additional shipping cost for the larger systems is included in the upgrade price.
  • Shipping Destinations: We only ship to the Continental United States & Canada. Please contact us for shipping quotes to other destinations such as Alaska and Hawaii.

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Product Reviews

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  1. great system!

    Posted by karen on 6th Jun 2014

    This is the best hydro system i have ever used! 3 buckets were cracked when they arrived but the manufacturer quickly sent out a replacement. Great customer service from the manufacturer and great system 10/10.

  2. Best hydro system at best price

    Posted by Vertical rdwc on 5th Jun 2012

    I've been growing for over 35 years and have to say this is about the best hydroponics system I've ever purchased. Do the search on the web for rdwc systems, they are really becoming popular and hard to beat among any grow method.

    Everything arrived promptly and also great customer service is there to answer any questions.

    If you do your homework and decide against diy, then this system is highly recommended.

  3. Call!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2012

    I had a ton of questions so I gave these guys a call. Super friendly and helpful, no sales pressure like some of the other companies out there.

  4. thank you

    Posted by Cellgreenny on 10th Apr 2012

    Your site is very helpful...
    Thank you...

  5. Durable, good-looking system

    Posted by Keffittee on 10th Apr 2012

    This is a durable and good looking system. I have 12 plants growing over 4 feet tall with this thing!

  6. Word

    Posted by Weapon X on 9th Apr 2012

    Got my stuff on time, set it up and works. No problems

  7. great system

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Nov 2011

    I love my 6 bucket system. Setup was a breeze and the instructions were easy to follow. I've used it for about 2 months now and I'm in the process of purchasing a second system for my basement. I've used home made systems, along with other turn key systems in the past. This is by far the easiest one I've ever used from a maintenance / setup perspective. The components are high quality as well.

  8. 12 Bucket System

    Posted by Ashley on 25th Oct 2011

    I purchased the 12 bucket version of this system over a month ago. Shipping was quick, considering how bulky the items are. I'm very experienced with hydro so setup was a breeze for me. The directions were easy to follow. If you're new to hydro you could probably set it up no problem.

    The pumps are powerful and the reservoirs hold plenty of water. The provided hoses are long enough, actually I cut mine down because I thought they were too long. The emitters and connectors are made of solid plastic, not some cheap stuff.

    I just started flowering my babies under a 1000w HPS with foxfarm nutes. I'm pleasantly surprised how well this system has performed so far. Now I get to sit back and watch my babies grow :) I look forward to seeing how much I produce!