The Grow Box Beginner Guide

growin plantsFor many people there is the need to grow a plant but not the room, and in such cases the use of a grow box can be very beneficial. Grow boxes have traditionally been very small and use only 1 or 2 small lights, but over the years innovation and ingenuity has resulted in a large variety of boxes hitting the market. Grow boxes that include airtight seals in order to preserve the environment from contaminants and keep the light inside are very important. The utmost credence must be paid to keeping a grow box in good condition where contaminants are concerned. Issues such as fungus and insects can wreak havoc upon young and adult plants alike and should be born in mind at all times.

Sterility Measures

Most of the time sterility can be achieved by lining the entire box with plastic sheeting, and once it is in place a light scrubbing with bleach will ensure a clean environment. Everything, including the lid must be lined with plastic sheeting to ensure that nothing is able to find its way to the growing plant(s). The light source of course should not be covered but everything else must be, use as few pieces of plastic sheeting as possible to ensure that there are few folds in the lining. Wood should never be used in a grow box, plastic or metal should always be utilized since it is far easier to keep these materials free of contaminants.


Grow Lights

The most common and most effective types of lighting present in grow boxes include high intensity discharge lamps and compact fluorescent lights. Either of these two choices is ideal for growing; however, high intensity discharge lamps are the best choice for lighting a grow box since they consume the least electricity. Having the most bang for your buck where a grow box is concerned is highly important. The utilization of a hydroponics system within a grow box is extremely common (and for good reason). Hydroponics ensures that all plants will be receiving an adequate amount of their nutritional supplements as well as the water they need. Plants must still be misted, but most of their needs will be adequately and accurately met by a hydroponics system.

grow box design

Choosing the Right Design

Everyone’s needs are different and when it comes to choosing the right grow box this is no exception. There are smaller boxes available that can produce a very low yield, and larger boxes that will produce a sizable growth amount. The needs of each individual grower should be carefully weighed; additionally, the needs of the environment they live in both with regard to their climate and their home also need to be considered. Ventilation systems need to be present in grow boxes to ensure that plants are able to breathe, especially in such a small environment. Grow boxes are a great idea for a hobbyist grower looking to produce a small amount of vegetables or other plant product, and since they fit into a closet most of the time there is no need to rearrange the house.