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Ebb & Flow Systems

The Ebb & Flow hydroponic method is one of the most popular ways to grow plants indoors. The ebb & flow method is renowned for its ease of use, reliability, and low upfront cost. This type of hydroponic system functions on the basic method of flooding and draining the root container on set intervals. The timed flooding and draining allows the roots to be exposed to oxygen, thus reducing the need for an air pump. This helps to reduce complexity while increasing the reliability of the system. Also, the high oxygen content suppresses most harmful lifeforms. This includes pythium, a form of water mold responsible for ‘root rot.’

The duration of each “flood” varies from application to application, but we generally recommend flooding every 2-3 hours for most indoor plants. Each flood stage should only last for a few minutes before the nutrient solution drains back into the reservoir. We recommend using a combination of growing mediums such as coco with grow rocks. The goal is to utilize a medium that will help maintain root moisture when the system isn’t flooded. Ebb & Flow systems are known for producing explosive growth and massive yields in all situations.

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