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An all-in-one solution for your indoor cultivation needs, the Autoyielder Pro XL is a fully automated fully packaged grow system, that literally gives you everything you need to start growing your own at home, today.

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    An all-in-one solution for your indoor cultivation needs, the ...

Autoyielder Pro XL - Grow Box

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Shipping: $275.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Product Description


Autoyielder Pro XL Overview

  • Grow Light: 150w Sun Systems Combo Lighting System
  • Can Grow: 16 Plants (Hydro), 8 Plants (Soil)
  • Dimensions: 5 feet Height x 28"W x 28"D
  • Filter: Yes - Dual Odor Sok Carbon Filters
  • Warranty: Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty on The Chassis For This Grow Box
  • Service: Lifetime Customer Service

Fully Automated Fun– Get Big Harvests With Ease

An all-in-one solution for your indoor cultivation needs, the Autoyielder Pro XL is a fully automated fully packaged grow system, that literally gives you everything you need to start growing your own at home, today. The Autotyielder Pro XL is manufactured and assembled in Oregon and is built specifically for growing. It’s built with marine grade aluminum and powdered coated on the inside and out.  With fully a fully enclosed wiring chamber, state of the art environmental controls, and the industry best grow lights and growing mediums - the Autoyielder Pro XL is the best choice for home growing.

Beginners Grow Guide:

Our free grow guide makes growing child’s play. The guide takes you through every step of using our system; whether you’re starting from seed, clone, using hydro, soil, or aeroponic. In addition we offer lifetime 1 on 1 grow support, we’re always a phone call away.


The Exterior

The AutoYielder ProXL is custom built in southern Oregon out of marine grade 1/8” thick aluminum, the perfect material for an indoor grow. Our engineers built the Autoyielder ProXL for maximum airflow (a necessity for healthy plants) while keeping the light and odors trapped within the box (a necessity for stealth). The marine grade aluminum housing is tougher and lighter then steel, rust resistant, and mold proof. Each unit come standard with black exterior powder coating, our patented leapord print diamond pattern door, and a medical grade white powder coated interior for maximum reflectiveness. Each unit comes standard with lock and keys to keep your grow secure.   Custom colors and designs are available.


How We Compare:

Ours: Custom Engineered Specifically for growing, Lifetime Warranty On Exterior, Extremely Difficult To Damage, Lighter Then Steel, Rust proof, Mold/Fire Proof.
Theirs: 2 or 3 Year Warranty, Steel Filing Cabinets or Retrofitted Wood Saunas. Prone To Rust, Damage, Mold. Not Engineered For Growing.

The Interior

The interior of the grow box is powder coated with medical grade white paint. This dual chamber system allows you to set up perpetual harvests; with young plants growing in the top chamber and your flowering plants in the bottom for quicker harvesting.  The upper chamber includes an internal wiring compartment to keep  your wires, ballasts, timers, and other plugs secure and hidden from prying eyes.  The lower chamber has a massive removable heap intake filter that keeps airflow moving through the box and pests out. Our unique design limits light leakage and sounds from escaping, keeping your grow more private and secure.

How we compare
Ours: Internal Wiring Improves Stealth With Just One Wire For Plugs, Better Airflow For Healthy Plants, Medical Grade Powder Finish Protects From Mold, Filtered Entry Points Prevents Unwanted Pests.
Theirs:Wiring, Ballasts, Timers & Plugs, Intake Fans, All Hang Outside Your Cabinet & Take Up 3-5 Inches Of Space. Mylar That is Prone to Mold Build Up. Holes For Wires Are Entry Points For Pests..

Stealth Growing


Custom engineering and years of R&D gives us big advantages over retrofitted cabinets. The Autoyielder ProXL is light tight, odor proof, and whisper quiet. The rugged exterior reminiscent of a gun safe or a tool chest does not hint as to what’s inside. With fully sealed doors, and double enclosed filters, light and sound does not escape. Dual Odor Sok use microscopic activated carbon particles and fibers to scrub the air and remove smells. Last but not least the internal wiring compartment provides better visible stealth.

How we compare
Ours: More Stealthy By Visible Design, Dual Interior Odor Sok Filters Trap All Smells,  Whisper Quiet Fans & Rubber Sealing Provides Whisper Quiet Operation.
Theirs: Giant Exterior Carbon Filters & Wiring Mess Is Visible From Side View, Thin Housing That Makes For Loud Operation

Automation & Alerts


The Autoyielder provides better ease of use and peace of mind then any other system. From lighting, to watering, and fans, everything is programmable to make your life easier. Our exclusive WIFI connect system sends alerts to your phone if anything goes wrong with temperature or humidity, or you can simply check in on your plants from your smart phone or computer while away.  

How We Compare:
Ours: Simple & Easy To Use Automation Equipment, Remote Access & Alerts Are One of A Kind.
Theirs:Complicated Light Timers & Watering Routines, Zero Options To Check On Your Plants While Away From Home.

LED Lighting


The Autoyielder Pro XL LED version comes standard with the award winning K3-L300 from Kind.  This LED grow light efficiently uses a perfect spectrum of light your plants need for maximum production and minimal energy cost.  No other LED company has better proven themselves for indoor growing then Kind.

How We Compare.
Ours: Highly efficient 3 watt LED Diodes to produce bigger and better yields while using nearly half the electricity and running much cooler than other LEDs. A proprietary intensified 12 band "perfect spectrum" designed for flowering  large yields combined with other revolutionary upgrades means efficient light coverage for you grow area.
Theirs: Inneffecient diodes that waste electricity, raise costs, and have potential heat issues. 6 bandwidth spectrum for less intense light, weaker canopy penetration, and smaller flowering footprint. 

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