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Auto Light Deprivation 30' Greenhouse

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Introducing The Fullbloom 20' Wide Light Deprivation Greenhouse

The Fullbloom Light Deprivation Greenhouse kit is the most cost-effective, fully-automated blackout greenhouse system on the market. Our automated light deprivation kits make growing indoor quality plants hassle free by using top quality materials and our unique auto blackout system. Each greenhouse frame is made out of heavy duty galvanized steel and comes with the best quality components available. Our unique high efficiency designs allow us to pass the savings on to you.

Light deprivation is quickly becoming the go-to method of growing for good reason; growers can harvest 3-5 times per year and essentially turn their greenhouse into an indoor environment using the auto blackout mechanism. By limiting exposure to weather, humidity, excessive heat and cold, the flowers produced are often comparable to the quality of any indoor garden. Greenhouse growers save thousands of dollars in expenses every month by harnessing the sun. The cost of renting or building an indoor space is also offset by the greenhouse structure, which can be installed quickly and easily. Our light deprivation greenhouses truly give you indoor quality plants with the size and yield of an outdoor grow. Use Fullbloom's automated controls to set your black out periods & your environmental controls and forget the headache of remembering to pull tarps everyday.


Automation is the pinnacle of light deprivation growing. When manually pulling tarps on and off a greenhouse multiple times per day, chances are that the timing is going to be occasionally incorrect. Those slight changes, even by just a few minutes, can cause flowers to lose density or even become hermaphrodites. Plants get confused when lighting schedules are altered, so most experienced growers suggest using automation to eliminate the guesswork.

Our complete light deprivation packages provided here include the galvanized steel framing for your greenhouse, your blackout plastic, clear poly, our automation controller, and motors. Basically, everything but your ventilation and exhaust equipment. Due to the importance of getting the right ventilation, heating, and exhaust, you will need to speak with one of our sales representatives to get a full quote with all the options to ensure your success.  Your local environment and the exact width and length of your greenhouse will determine exactly what equipment you need.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance selecting the proper ventilation equipment.

Another exciting feature of the Fullbloom auto blackout system is the opportunity for further automation. The included controller automatically takes care of rolling up the blackout poly on a timer. It also includes an internal thermostat and humidity meter which can work directly with ventilation equipment (like motorized intake louvers and exhaust fans) to control the internal temperature of the greenhouse from afar. Ask about our Wifi upgrade for the controller which allows users to modify and control greenhouse settings from a computer or smartphone!

Semi-Gable Style:

The semi-gable style greenhouse is available in sizes 30 feet wide and between 30 to 95 feet long. Each increase in length is in 5-foot increments. It has a center height of 15 feet. The peaked roof remains the best design to prevent snow buildup and improve wind resistance while providing the largest growing area for your plants. As with most light deprivation greenhouses, both endwalls are engineered to remain permanently blacked out. One wall contains the custom, pre-welded double black out doors (4’ x 8’ each) and the other is a solid endwall. The permanence of the endwalls makes it easy to mount fans and other equipment. Each bundle includes:

  • Pre-cut, pre-drilled galvanized steel framing.

  • 8mm string-reinforced blackout poly.

  • Anti-drip poly comes standard.

  • Fully-automated greenhouse environmental controller.

  • Manual side roll-up setup.

Optional equipment includes exhaust fans, HAF (horizontal airflow) fans, motorized intake louvers, heating equipment, & more.

Manual Roll-up Sides (Clear Poly Only):

Open your greenhouse to the summer breeze on a clear day. Easily reach the exact plant you want to treat. With the included manual roll-up cranks simply adjust both sides of the greenhouse’s clear plastic to generate greater ventilation. Keep in mind that this option can only be used when the blackout poly is rolled up and not covering the sides.

  • Easy-to-use wind up tool.

  • Smoothly roll plastic up to desired height.

  • Clear plastic is secured to the galvanized steel roller bar, eliminating flyaway edges.

  • Includes 2 steel roller bars, 2 winding mechanisms and mounting bolts.

Blackout Plastic: 

Our black and white 8mm string-reinforced polyethylene is a film that is manufactured using a combination of the purest polyethylene resins. The finished product uses a black polyethylene skin on one side and a white polyethylene skin on the other. The skins surround a grid of polyester yarn and a final sheet of polyethylene, to form a three-layer product perfect for light deprivation purposes. The black side completely contains light, while the white side reflects heat.

System Requirements:

  • Needs 200 watts of power.

  • Kits come equipped to run only AC power.

Recommended setup time is between 2-7 days with a 2-person crew. Depending on the size of structure, more time or labor assistance may be required.

For extreme condition or added peace of mind, additional supports are available with our Standard or Extreme Support Trussing Kits.

Shipping price is for a single greenhouse with no accessories shipped on the west coast. For other locations and more accurate shipping quotes, please contact your sales representative. 

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