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Yielder Max

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Product Description

The Yielder Max is an all inclusive grow box system that comes with literally everything you need to get your own home grown going today. This particular grow box packs in a lot of punch for a middle of the road price; the highest powered LED lights on the market, rock solid hyrbid hydroponic or soil options, and a better warranty and shipping time (1 week instead of 4-6 weeks) then the cheaper grow boxes we carry.

What sets the Yielder Max apart is its focus on stealthiness and quality in construction. The vacuum seal chamber and the very high powered carbon filter remove smells and odor without alerting your friends and family to a loud machine running in your room. Additionally, if you like the idea of growing with LED lights there is no cheaper option watt for watt.

Last but not least, the Yielder Max is one of our few grow boxes that we have approved financing for with many options for all sorts of credit ranges. Read on below for more features and details and be sure to check out the “what’s included tab” for more information on all the products that come with this package. We’re here 9am-5pm M-F with any questions by phone or live chat as well.

Worried Growing Might Be Too Difficult? Not with The Yielder Max:

1. Add your Clones Or Seeds Into Our Germination Tray

2. When ready, move your plants to the lower chamber system (Soil or Hydro Available)

3. Follow Our Grow Guide Steps To Success & Final Harvest!

The trick to harvesting quickly is by taking clones from your vegetative plants and having two cycles going in the top and bottom chamber. Then each time you harvest your crops you’re ready to move your half grown plants back into the bottom and begin flowering again.

Grow Your Plants Your Way

With the Yielder Max you can grow the way you like, soil or hydro, LED or CFL. Simply choose in the product options on checkout and you’re good to go!

Grow Medium

Soil: Growing with soil is the easiest of all and more forgiving when mistakes are made. We provide use top shelf organic soil, pots, and all the nutrients you’ll need to grow awesome organic crops to share with all your snooty organic friends (we love organic foods too)!

Hybrid Hydroponics: We’re biased here but at Fullbloom Hydroponics, we love HYDRO! With hydroponics you can harvest up to 50% faster then soil growing and the quality of hydro grown plants is visibly different than soil when done correctly. Your friends will drooling over your harvests. Additionally with the hydroponic reservoir you can go days without worrying about watering it’s automated!

Grow Lights

360 Watt Flip LED: This dual band LED is the strongest watt for watt LED of any grow box of this size. The dual bands let you give light more suited for the vegetative cycle to the plants when they’re young and then switch to the flowering for the budding cycle. More watts = more harvest and with an LED light you can do it without the added heat of an HPS light (and a smaller energy bill). At the writing of this product overview the moment the LED is a free upgrade (but that won’t last).

200 Watt CFL: The Bloom CFL not only outlasts HPS systems, but operates at a cooler temperature while providing loads of usable light. The Yielder Max has been tested with HPS and CFL lights and the cooler temperature of the CFL produces healthier plants with solid harvest potential.

Recommendation: Get the LED if at all possible. Nearly twice the harvest potential = more harvest for you.

Is The Yielder Max Right For Me?

At about half the width and depth of a fridge, and slightly shorter in stature, the Yielder Max is perfect for a closet size grow. The yielder max is perfect for someone looking to grow for themselves and a friend or two. If you want to produce a few pounds per harvest you may want to check out larger cabinets like the Earth Cab Pro or if you need something smaller and cheaper check out the Medicab.

LED Grow LightFlip 360 Watt LED Grow Light

If you want an LED but are worried that it won't perform, worry no more. The Flip LED packs power into a sleek package by using 5watt diodes rather than the usual 3watt arranged in a custom Cabinet Grow spectrum range. Speaking of spectrums, get the right spectrum for the job with selectable veg and bloom modes. This beast has everything your plants need to produce big yields while staying respectful of your electricity bill. Gone are the days were the HPS reigns supreme.

  • 5w LEDs
  • 110v/220v compatible
  • 700mA
  • 15 band light spectrum
  • 72 Diodes
  • 360watts (actual wattage 190watts)
  • Runs at 75% for efficiency and extended life
  • Able to daisy chain lights for larger grow applications
  • Easy to use. Just flip a switch to go from veg to bloom

200 watt CFL

200 Watt CFL

With an ACTUAL 200 watt draw, the included high output CFL flowering bulb blasts your blooming plants with a ton of usable light, boasts a longer life, and lower operating cost than an HPS. CFL's aren't always better than an HPS though. When you have a larger grow area and can use an enclosed and air cooled lighting fixture, you can prevent overheating and light burn caused by HID lights (like the one we use in Earth Cab Pro HID models). Our extensive testing has proven time after time that the cooler temperature provided by the CFL keeps plants happier, healthier, and higher producing than less expensive, higher maintenance HPS.

Hybrid Hydro System

Hybrid Hydroponic Kit

Our proprietary hybrid hydroponics system utilizes both deep water culture (DWC) and aeroponic technology to give you the most effective nutrient delivery possible. Forget airstones and top feed solutions that will drown your roots easily. Our hybrid hydro system lets your roots grow deep into nutrient rich water but also uses aeroponic sprayers that deliver more oxygen to your plant roots then airstones (like our competitors use). We use a top shelf medium called CocoMon algae-free instead of messy clay stones as well as a submersible pump so you can easily pump nutrient solution in and out of your reservoir.

The Hybrid Hydroponic Kit comes with one of the most respected, easy to use, and high grade nutrient lines available; Botanicare. Included with the hydroponic kit is a three month supply of professional nutrients. After extensive testing of the best products the industry has to offer, Fullbloom Hydroponics selected Botanicare's line of CNS17 nutrients. CNS17 is a single part nutrient which means you'll spend less time mixing nutrients, save more money on supplies, and always deliver the perfect ratio of the 17 essential elements throughout all stages of growth.

Organic Soil Kit

Top Shelf Soil Kit

Soil growers unite, with our top shelf soil kit. Our soil version of the Yielder Max uses top shelf Fox Farm Organic soill, Four 2.5 gallon pots, and 8 half gallon grow bags for your clones or seeds. We use the same top shelf botanicare nutrient line that would many consider “organish” in nature due to the top quality synthetic nutrients they use. This balances quality of harvest with speed and harvest size not possible in pure organic nutrient lines.

Grow Guide

Grow Guide

Insert Info

Secure locking mechanism

Locking System

The 3-point locking mechanism makes security a non-issue and the shelf is adjustable so you can adjust for various plant sizes on the fly (a big issue with other grow boxes). Additionally, no other grow box on the market comes with rolling casters. This might not sound like much but try moving a grow box this beastly on your own without wheels and you’ll see the issue.

Commercial Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter

Always a priority is the stealth of your grow. Even if you’re growing where there’s no need to hide your plants, you may not want your whole house smelling so “good”. A powerful fan provides the vacuum required for an XL odor filter, compared to multiple small filters that don’t provide extra odor control, rather increased maintenance cost.

Duct Muffler

Duct Muffler & Filter

Our ducting muffler makes for very quiet operation with industry best specs in terms of sound. No other grow box comes close to being this quiet and because we use powerful centrifugal fans, we can use larger carbon filters for superior odor control as well as a duct silencer to keep the whole system quiet!

Reflective Insulation

Reflective Insulation

Using reflective insulation throughout the entire grow box helps with insulation, light reflectiveness, and helps repel bacteria and mold. In addition this helps with sound. Our competitor’s boxes all have spots without reflective material that can cause hot spots or reduce potential harvest from less reflection. This material is easy to clean and is designed to last a lifetime.

24 watt T5 Lighting

(2) 24 watt T-5 Fluorescent

The lower chamber in the Yielder Max features (1) 24 watt High Output T5 fluorescent grow light. The T-5's low profile design provides more room for the plants to grow. These fluorescents provide ample light for seedlings,clones, and teenage plants. Your young plants will grow healthy, happy, and ready to be moved to the upper chamber for blooming.


Also Included And Still Important

Getting Started Manual

2 Net Trellises

Train your plants to have an even canopy with our netting. This significantly ads to potential yield when done correctly.

Adjustable/Removable Shelf

If your plants get too big too fast, simply remove the lower shelf and you have extra space!

1 PH Adjustment Kit

PH is extremely important to maximum harvest potential and plant health. With this you can adjust it.

1 Thermometer/Hygrometer

Important for identifying environmental changes and keeping plants healthy.

1 Power Strip w/ Timer

To prevent surges and schedule lighting.

1 Seed/Clone Dome,Tray,& Insert

This is for your starter plants or clones and goes in the bottom chamber.

1 Circulating Fan 4" fan

This helps keep plants healthy with proper airflow.

1 PPM/TDS Meter

Essential for determining if nutrient mixes are at optimal range.

1 Measuring Cup

For Your Nutrient Feeding.

2 Light Tight Cord Seal

Your cords come out of the back of the cabinet. These seals prevent unwanted light or air from getting in on your plants.

1 Intake Pre Filter

This washable Pre Filter helps keep out unwanted pests and bacteria and is essential to long term plant health.

LED light strips

LED Lighting Strips

Increase your harvest by adding our 4 supplemental LED strips to the side walls of your cabinet. These strips supply the lower parts of the plant (when flowering) with additional light making allowing for more flowering beneath the main canopy. The 24 watt strips are waterproof and boost crop yield with very little power consumption and better longevity than T5 lights!

RO water filter

R.O. Water Filter Kit

Concerned your water may have bugs or impurities? Having pure water promotes beneficial bacteria growth and gives you maximum control of your harvest. There’s no installation necessary. Starting with a clean slate has many benefits, but it also requires supplementing certain minerals. That’s why we include the bottle of Botanicare's CalMag Plus with all R.O. filters.

This product is shipped from Irvine California. You may pick up a grow box locally if you are near our shipping facility and save on shipping. Orders from within California must pay sales tax (but call for reduced shipping prices)

Processing / Manufacturing Time: Every Friday We Process & Ship This Cabinet

Shipping Time: 3-7 Business Days depending on destination; Up to 15 business days.

Assembly: Only Minor assembly is required. This includes: Screwing in the lightbulb, plugging in cables, adding water, etc.

Shipping Method: Freight - Grow boxes are shipped through a freight company. They are too large and heavy to ship via regular methods.

Packaging Materials: Grow Boxes are palletized and discretely packaged. There are no labels or stickers on the packing to indicate its contents.

Shipping Destinations: We only ship to the Continental United States & Canada. Please contact us for shipping quotes to any destination outside the lower 48 before ordering. Additional shipping costs may apply.

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