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Solaris Grow Box & Hydroponic System - Complete Grow Cabinet Package

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Product Description

Exclusive offer available only to Fullbloom Hydroponics Customers!

The Solaris grow box is a white version of SuperCloset's popular and award winning Super Star grow cabinet! This white grow box is available only through Fullbloom Hydroponics. Identical to the Super Star and manufactured by SuperCloset exclusively for Fullbloom, you'll be growing massive plants in no time!


Ease of Use

Your purchase of a Ready Set Hydro grow box includes One-on-One Grow Support for as long as you own your cabinet.  In addition, you will also receive a setup DVD, product manual, nutrient feeding schedule, and setup DVD.  Run into a snag? Simply give us a call, we're here to help!


One-on-One Grow Support

From plant problems to growing advice, our grow support techs are just a phone call, email, or live chat away.  We stand by our products and our customers.



We understand that discretion is important, so we've meade our products as quiet as possible.  Then we added locking doors, an odor free guarantee, InfraCool Steel, and dual carbon filters for the best in stealth.


No-Hassle Warranty

We stand by our products!  All customers receive a 3 year no hassle warranty which covers all non-consumable components (light bulbs, nutrients, and grow medium are covered by a 6 month warranty.)



Our grow boxes use the award winning SuperPonics hydro system for up to 5x faster plant growth than soil and up to 2x faster plant growth than any other hydro system on the market.  Manufactured from UV stable and food safe plastic.



We only use the best components from top manufacturers; Lumatek, Phresh, SuperPonics, TechnaFlora, Sunlight Supply, General Hydroponics, an d much more!



Unlike our competitors, we don't use mylar panels because mold and bacteria can build up behind them.  Instead, we finished the interior of our cabinets with a medical grade white powder coating for the ultimate in cleanliness and light reflection for better plant growth.


Discreet Shipping & Billing

Our billing, shipping, and packaging is discrete.  We don't share your information with anyone and we don't store your credit card information.  We accept many forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, money orders, and wire transfers.

150w HPS Grow Light

150w HPS Grow Light

The solaris comes equipped with a powerful 150w HPS grow light by Sunlight Supply (Upgradeable to 250w.) This grow light will provide your plants with all the light needed for successful growth. This light includes:

  • Reflector housing with built in ballast
  • 150w HPS bulb
  • Highly reflective aluminum insert
  • Vented housing for optimal heat dissipation
Industrial Grade Carbon Filter

Dual Industrial Grade Carbon Filter for Odor Control

Your Solaris includes Two (2) Industrial Grade Carbon Filters for premium odor control. We used not one, but two very quiet fans in order to keep the air flow high without producing too much noise.  This is even quieter than our competitors who use "duct mufflers" which are bulkb and impractical. We even have an odor free guarantee!

Dual Carbon Filters

Dual SuperPonics 8 Plant Systems

Your grow box includes two fully automated SuperPonics 8 Plant Systems for the Flowering / Primary Grow Chamber. This system is safe, easy to use, and can grow your plants up to 2x faster than traditional hydroponic methods and up to 5x faster than soil.

This system is powered by a water pump AND air pump. The added redundancy protects your plants in the unlikely event of a component failure.

SuperPonics Fuses the Best Hydroponic Methods:

  • Top Feed Watering
  • Deep Water Culture
  • Bubbleponics

This system includes:

  • 8 gal. Reservoir, Lid, & Net Pots
  • All tubing and emitters - Comes assembled
  • 132 Gallon Per Hour Water Pump
  • Eco Air 2 Air Pump
  • Grow Rocks & Rockwool Cubes

14 Site SuperCloner System

Your full automated SuperCloner quickly gives you a 100% success rate for up to 14 seeds, clones, or early vegetating plants! The system is hyper oxygenated by a powerful air pump, providing the perfect environment for your plants. Just like your primary SuperPonics system, your SuperCloner is also made from UV stable, custom molded plastic.

Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Kit

Your Solaris Grow Box comes with a Nutrient Starter Kit formulated by Technflora. The starter kit is designed and tested specifically for your grow box. Also included is a full feeding schedule that will guide you from the seed to harvest. It explains how to mix your nutrients and how often to feed your plants.

Nutrient Starter Kit

The Recipe for Success Nutrient Starter Kit Includes:

  • B.C. Bloom, Boost, & Grow
  • Thrive Alive B-1 Red & B-1 Green
  • Awesome Blossoms
  • Rootech Cloning Gel
  • MagiCal
  • SugarDaddy
  • Root 66
  • Mixing Chart & Feeding Schedule

Hydroponic System Accessories

pH Control Kit

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Don’t forget to check your pH! Properly managing your pH is one of the most important parts of any hydroponic system. A properly managed pH will ensure that your plants can reach their maximum potential. Your pH test kit includes:

  • 8 ounces of pH up
  • 8 ounces of pH down
  • pH indicator solution
  • Test vial & dropper
  • Color coded identification chart

TDS Meter

Your system includes an EZ-TDS Meter used for measuring the amount of nutrients in your hydroponic system. Just like measuring your pH, measuring the amount of nutrients in your hydroponic system is very important. Without it, your plants could be under or over fed, causing plant problems.

The unit is constructed of strong and durable plastic, while the back has a color coded chart that explains the TDS values so you know exactly how to read your meter.

Dutch Master Cloning Gel

Dutch Master Cloning Gel

Known for its super high success rate, we include a bottle of Dutch Master Clone Gel with each order. This professional strength product makes quick work of cloning your plants. Simply take a cutting at a 45 degree angle, trim down the leaves a bit, then dip the cut end into the cloning gel for about 30 seconds. Insert the cutting into a rockwool cube and watch as the 100% natural root stimulant helps your plants take root!

Rockwool Cubes & Clay Grow Rocks

Rockwool is a tried and true grow medium - It’s perfect for the SuperPonic system! Made from rocks that are melted and spun together, this product provides a stable foundation for your plant.

In addition to the Rockwool Cubes, we also include a large bag of Clay Grow Rocks which provide numerous benefits to your growing plants. The rocks provide proper drainage to prevent the growth of bacteria. Plus, the roots of your plant will cling to the heavy rocks, providing a stable base for your plant to flourish.

Support Materials

Your brand new RSH Solaris includes a comprehensive set of support materials. Inside your new Solaris you will find a manila envelope that contains:

  • Instructional DVD
  • Product Manual
  • Grow Guide
  • Nutrient Feeding Schedule

As always, Lifetime One-on-One Grow Support is included at no extra charge. Simply give us a ring or email us. RSH has your back!

Other Components

Mechanical Timers

Used to regulate the on/off cycle of multiple components in your Solaris, the included mechanical timers are a critical component that is built to last. These timers give you the luxury of being able to leave your box unattended for days at a time!


Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer

Every grower needs to know their stats on the fly! That’s why we included a Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer with every cabinet. This tool allows you to check the temperature and humidity levels at a glance. It comes complete with:

  • Clock & Alarm Function
  • 12/24 hour mode
  • Waterproof Temperature Probe

Internal Circulation Fan

Internal Circulation Fan

This 2 speed ICF (internal circulation fan) produces 100 or 160 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow depending on the setting. This fan recreates a natural breeze. As the wind passes over your plants, the stems begin to strengthen so they can handle the weight of your massive harvest! Fully adjustable height, speed, and tilt so your plants grow super strong.

GFCI Shock Buster

Not only did we design the Solaris to produce massive yields, but we also designed it to be safe. The included GFCI Shock Buster prevents accidental electric shock by interrupting the current of electricity to the cabinet if water comes in contact with an electrical component.

250w Grow Light Upgrade

Increase your yields and decrease your grow time by upgrading your Solaris with a 250w Grow Light powered by Lumatek. Known to be the best, Lumatek offers the highest quality grow light ballasts on the market. Featuring the new Dial-A-Watt setting, your new 5th generation Lumatek ballast can be dimmed as needed to save on electricity and heat production.

Super CO2 Kit

Super CO2 Kit

The Super CO2 Regulator Kit is our most popular upgrade - And with good reason! This one upgrade can increase your yields by up to 40% in half the time! Your CO2 kit quickly integrates with your Solaris. The instructional DVD will have you up in running in less than 5 minutes. CO2 tank not included. This kit includes:

  • Solenoid Valve & Regulator
  • Timer & Injection Tubing
Total Germination Package

Total Germination package

Designed for growers starting with seeds, the Total Germination Package - Or "TGP" as we call it in-house, helps you get the most out of your seeds. This all-inclusive kit helps to maximize your germination success rate by providing the ideal environment for your seeds. This kit includes:

  • Seedling Tray & Humidity Dome
  • Heat Mat with adjustable Thermostat
  • Rock Wool Cube Medium

Technaflora Nutrient Super Pack

Tested and proven to be one of the best nutrient manufacturers on the market, Technaflora makes the good stuff. We have thousands of customers who have grown successfully for many years using Technaflora's blend of nutrients. This kit will last about 6 months. This kit includes:

  • (2) 1L B.C. Bloom
  • (3) 1L B.C. Boost
  • (1) 1L B.C. Grow
  • (1) 1L Awesome Blossoms
  • (2) 1L SugarDaddy
  • (1) 500mL Thrive Alive Red
  • (1) 1L MagiCal

24-7 Nutrient Monitor

Our 24-7 Nutrient Meter made by Control Wizard Products is designed to add convenience to your grow by giving you the ability to constantly monitor the water in your hydroponic system. This unit allow you to measure pH, PPM, and Temperature at a glance! Easy to calibrate and easy to read. Covered by a limited 1 year warranty.

Reverse Osmosis

Stealth Reverse Osmosis Filter

Is your city water full of chemicals? Is your well water full of minerals such as iron and sulfur? If so, this RO filter kit will solve your water problems by providing a clean water source for your hydroponic system. This RO filter system can provide up to 200 GPD (gallons per day) of highly purified and ultra low PPM water. It will remove 99% of chlorine and other contaminants. The ultra efficient design wastes 25% less water than other RO systems. Customized and designed specifically for hydroponic gardening. Specifications are based on inlet water of 77° F, 60 psi, and 500 ppm. Includes:

  • 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • 2 Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Carbon Filter
  • Cleanable Sediment Filter
  • Automatic shut-off cartridge
  • Wall Mountable Metal Bracket Garden Hose Connector
  • Inline Shut-Off (8ft.)
  • Drain Line (5ft.)
  • Inlet Line
  • Filter Wrench
  • Instructions
  • Unit weighs 9.8 lbs. and measures 16.5" x 14"
Method 7 Grow Room Glasses

Method 7 Grow Room Glasses

The ultimate optical tool for indoor gardeners. Featuring patent pending Rendition Technology, your Method 7 Growing Glasses provide the "Perfect Color" when viewing plants under bright grow lights. This technology was created for growers who need to work with their plants while their grow lights are on. Your eyes stay protected and you see a full range of natural colors.

Product Comparison Chart Coming Soon

This product is built to order and shipped from our state-of-the-art facility in San Francisco, CA. You may pick up a grow box locally if you are near our shipping facility. Contact us for more information.

  • Processing Time: 15-25 Business Days - All units built to order.
  • Shipping Method: Freight - We have to ship out grow boxes using Old Dominion Freight Line due to their large size and weight. They are too large and heavy to ship via UPS or Fedex.
  • Shipping Time: 3-7 Business Days depending on destination
  • Shipping Destinations: We only ship to the Continental United States & Canada. You may have your package forwarded to your destination via a package forwarding service.

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