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Fullbloom Hydroponics Program

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Get Your Grow On

Grow amazing indoor herbies all year round with ease with an automated grow box. Each grow box we carry comes with EVERYthing you need to get started (except the plants)! Nothing offers the security or privacy as a Fullbloom Hydroponics grow box.

Ready Set Hydro Grow Boxes

The Radiant Grow Box

The most popular grow box for beginners. Grow up to 8 plants in just a few weeks with this with this fully automated system. This grow box is light tight, smell proof, and as mobile as it gets. No one will know what herbs are growing in your closet with this system. And the best part, its only $795.

Ready Set Hydro Grow Boxes

Easy, Safe, & Discreet Ordering

  • Customize Your Grow Box, Your Way
  • Order Online or by Phone with Discreet Billing
  • Built to order
  • Discreet Shipping
  • Harvest your first crop in a matter of weeks!